Washington Workers' Compensation Attorney

If you suffer a work injury or contract an occupational disease, the workers’ compensation system provides specific benefits for medical treatment, lost wages, and more. The Washington State Department of Labor & Industries administers the benefits program, which is also referred to as L&I or industrial insurance. The workers’ compensation attorney team at Robinson & Kole have helped injured workers recover the full benefits they deserve under the complex system since 1979.

An accomplished workers’ compensation attorney will address all your questions and concerns, guide you through the L&I process, and protect your interests under the relevant laws and regulations. From our Bellingham office, our L&I benefits attorney team helps clients throughout the State of Washington. For our many Spanish-speaking clients, our bilingual team members make it easy to work with us.

For more than 40 years, Robinson & Kole has been devoted to helping clients recover compensation for workplace injuries and diseases and personal injury claims. All our lawyers are successful trial attorneys with extensive courtroom experience, who have the knowledge and skills to help you navigate through the L&I claim process. Our attorneys work together on case strategy and problem solving, so you benefit from the collective experience of our legal team.

While some workers may receive benefits without assistance from a lawyer, navigating the complicated system can be difficult, especially if your injury is severe and affects your ability to return to work. You are entitled to help from an attorney and should not hesitate to get legal assistance if you don’t receive the benefits provided under the laws and regulations.

L&I Benefits Attorneys

Navigating this system can be a bewildering, stressful experience. Benefits include coverage for proper and necessary medical expenses and wage replacement (time loss compensation) if you can’t work because of the workplace injury or occupational disease. If you have a permanent impairment, the system provides an award at the time the claim closes. The L&I benefits attorney team at Robinson & Kole guides you through the whole process to ensure you get the benefits you deserve.

If you suffer a work injury or occupational disease, your claim for benefits is denied, or your employer or L&I disputes your claim, you should reach out to our L&I benefits lawyers as soon as possible. Deadlines apply throughout the process. Missing a deadline can affect your ability to recover full benefits.

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