These results demonstrate the successes of the lawyers at Robinson & Kole. The list is not all-inclusive.

Secured Pension for Worker Who Suffered a Construction Site Accident

Secured lifetime total permanent disability benefits (pension) for a 36-year-old Spanish speaking drywall taper who suffered a construction site accident.

Obtained Lifetime Pension for Worker Suffering Low Back Injury

Obtained lifetime total permanent disability benefits (pension) obtained for a 42-year-old pipe layer who suffered low back injury requiring multiple back surgeries.

Obtained All Available Policy Limits From Insurance

Obtained all available policy limits from insurance for at-fault driver and client’s own underinsured policy for a 46-year-old retail worker who was struck by a vehicle while walking through a parking lot.

Won a Workers’ Compensation Claim for a 66-Year-Old Fire Lieutenant

Won an allowed workers’ compensation claim for a 66-year-old fire lieutenant who suffered from liver cancer after the Department of Labor and Industries rejected the claim, arguing the condition was not one that could be allowed under the Industrial Insurance Act.

Received a Widow’s Pension and 6 Years of Unpaid Benefits

Received a widow’s pension and 6 years of unpaid benefits for a client who was living in Mexico when her husband died while living separately in Texas.

Lifetime Pension for 39-Year-Old Construction Worker

Won lifetime total permanent disability benefits (pension) for a 39-year-old construction worker who suffered a low back injury as an occupational disease, after the claim was rejected.

Obtained Lifetime Total Permanent Disability Benefits

Obtained lifetime total permanent disability benefits (pension) for a Spanish-speaking 51-year-old farm worker who suffered a left foot and ankle injury.

Lifetime Pension Secured for Victim of On-the-Job Injury

Secured lifetime total permanent disability benefits (pension) obtained for a Spanish-speaking 52-year-old fast-food worker who injured back while lifting boxes.

Seven Figure Settlement for Motorcyclist Struck by Vehicle

Seven figure settlement for motorcyclist struck by vehicle resulting in multiple surgeries.

High Six-Figure Settlement for Accident Involving a Semi-Truck

High six figure settlement and widower pension for fatal rear-end accident involving a semi-truck.

High Settlement for Accident Caused by Failure to Stop at a Stop-Sign

High six figure settlement for individual who was struck while driving when defendant failed to stop at a stop-sign, resulting in back surgery.

Settlement for Slip and Fall at a National Retail Chain

Six figure settlement for 60 year old woman who slipped on water which caused her to fall near cash registers at a national retail chain.

Six Figure Settlement for Fatal Motorcycle Accident

Six figure settlement for surviving spouse of former law enforcement officer involved in a fatal motorcycle accident.

Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.